Metal Work

Bromley Steel have dedicated staff working full time on hand rails and balustrades which provide security and safety for stairs, balconies, swimming pools and terraces without limiting views..


The balustrades can be fabricated to any design the customer wishes. They can have simple vertical rods, or high tension stainless steel wire, or filled in with a steel mesh or perforated steel sheet. An ornate masterpiece can be designed and manufactured to your requirements from mild steel or stainless steel.


The finish on mild steel balustrades can be hot dip galvanised, zinc spayed, powder coated of epoxy painted. Installation of the finished product is no problem.


We have completed an exhaustive amount of handrails for schools around Canterbury to comply with new Health & Safety regulations.


Bromley Steel can fabricate steel fences and gates. They can be practical pool fencing or decorative boundary fencing finished with a coating of your choice then delivered and installed. .


We can fabricate steel pergola structures or entry canopies.


Steel stair structures designed and manufactured by Bromley Steel include: cantilevered treads, stairs formed from a single stringer, circular stairs and external fire escapes. We can also provide a design and pricing service for the balustrades and stairs. Whatever the steel requirement are in the building project, we can do it.